If You're In The Pet Niche, You Might Want To Read This Demographic Research!

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    I have a couple of web sites in the pet vertical, you know, for cats, dogs, birds etc.

    Just because it's Friday, here is all the info you need to get started with targeting the right demographic. I did all the research for you!

    $10,377 is the average lifetime spend on dog and cat food per pet owner in USA.

    62% of American households own a pet. (from National Pet Owners Survey)

    In the last 12 months:

    * 20% of households owning pets placed a mail or phone order from a catalog
    * 23% placed an internet order from a catalog
    * 3% placed a mail or phone order from a direct mail piece
    * 3.5% placed an internet order from a direct mail piece

    65% of American pet-owner households own a dog, 54% a cat

    - 22.5% of baby boomers own pets
    - The senior citizen and baby boomer segment of the pet owning demographic are more likely to spend on items that are "nice to have" vs. "need to have"

    Families with 1-3 children are more likely to own pets (40%), than families with 5 or more children (1%)

    Household income for top three pet owner categories:


    The estimated spend by U.S. pet owners was expected to reach $47.7 billion in 2010.

    *All info from Euromonitor International, American Pet Producs Association, and AP-Petside polls.

    Now get started!
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    are you still in the pet niche?
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    Interesting... Good stuff op