If you want to make big money, take advantage of Russian sanctions

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    Many people see sanctions as deterrents to business, but that's only the case for legitimate businesses. My uncle took advantage of the sanctions on Iran during the 90's, he bought weapon parts from the US and sold them through an intermediary in Dubai to Iran, making huge margins. Was it legitimate? No. He made millions, but eventually the government caught up to him because of tax reasons. So what happened? Well believe it or not, he was fined 250K... and that's it. He got to keep a couple million in profit and didn't serve any jail time for what he did.

    Nowadays, we have the advantage of the internet. Even if you do get caught, you usually pay a large fine (like 250K in my uncle's case) or serve a few years in prison. Getting caught usually only occurs to the big players, not the people making a few grand here and there. White collar crime gets a lot less prison time than everyday idiot crime, due to having great lawyers that can negotiate your case for you to give you the best outcome possible.

    Either way, I just want to remind everyone that sanctions on Russia are growing everyday, and that creates opportunities for those willing to take risks. My advice is to look for small pockets of partnerships that were hindered due to sanctions, and then take charge. If you have ideas that you're willing to share, feel free to say so. I'm currently researching methods myself, and if I find several routes to make money, I'll keep a few to myself and perhaps share some here.

    ~PS, my uncle is now dead if you're wondering what happened to him. He spent money on drugs, and went overboard and died on liver failure.
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    I would consider investing in Crimean property. A lot of russian speaking ujrabians move there and prices simply shoot up. Russians generally dont care about the EU sanctions because they tend to dislike them. Russia is not like Iran, they have all that they need. They have their own food/machinery/natural resources so these sanctions only make things worse. The sanctions will cause russian stocks to go down. Consider buying them at the lowest price, these stocks will bounce up fast. ( Russia is in BRICS, and these countries are developing fast). Also these sanctions will not last forever. Crimea has a large number of ukranians willing to leave their ruined area due to instability. infact russia wants to make crimea as a holiday resource and it will invest in it. ( Crimea used to be russian and every russian supports every investment). Russia is very unequal, there are rich regions living by european standards and a lot of small villages that make up russia, working for cents.
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    all good if you can do it. i my self wouldnt have a clue how :)
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    Seeing that the maximum penalty for breaching a US trade embargo is $1,000,000 fine and 20 years imprisonment
    I believe this to be some really naive advice.
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    Really, I don't know what to supply.

    Banned food imports are not even 5% of all stuff on shelves.

    For example, I have a median monthly income 10x times more than average people here in Siberia,
    so I can afford to buy Finnish yoghurts, Norwegian fish and etc.

    But 99% of people here never buy imported food. Fruits maybe, but they already switched sources and I see the same
    fruits from other countries.

    And don't forget that this ban is for commercial entities only. As a private individual I can order from any online store. No bans here.