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if you wanna learn something investigate that category

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by hitrockman, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. hitrockman

    hitrockman Junior Member

    Jan 3, 2016
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    Hello everyone as much as u know youtube stuff got more rough and we are not earning money as much as old times i am trying to fix my income since long time. Researching stuff trying new platforms to earn money and stuff like this in my one of researches i found some category very long time ago and i am following and trying techniques of that category which is donald duck in yt

    in this category almost all videos in first page that belongs to same person or people who works together as i understand because its so hard to make all of these alone, he is always pumping channels and commenting to his own videos by using bots and stuff and giving a link like youtube video code for example(#HGF492xxx..) or commenting some random stuff and always creating a playlist with full of his videos but those playlists with different gmails which not having any video in them.

    that person dont use that much unlisted stuff and as much as i saw he is not buying views too he is just ruling the category by boosting himself. He is also using flag bots which means if you try to put donald ducka you get flagged very fast :D and as i mentioned up that he uses comment bot and his videos always on top even some of them gone he brings new ones up easily

    there r lot of stuff i saw but for now these things i remember for now. They work very systematic and as i see making more than 20k $ in 1 month maybe even more..