If you run bussiness in hongkong you can get a authority domain previously owned by w3

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    Currently I am searching for authority domain names linking from high quality site and i found this really premium domain name which was previously owned by w3.and have too many backlinks from w3. I don know why they left this domain name.but it was dropped years ago but backlinks still exist
    The only restriction to this domain is you have to submit valid documents Copy of document showing you are a Hong Kong not-for-profit organization approved with HKSARG. and that's why i cant register it so i decide to share here.

    Extension----> .org.hk
    name---> w3c

    moz didn't show you but aherfs will tell you everything and if you check wayback you ll know what it was.
    If you want show love for this post please let me know so i can give pp address
    I hope i didn't break any bhw rule and keep in line