If you own/manage a Property/Real Estate blog - Please read!

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    If you have a property/real estate related blog that you manage or own and are interested in Guest Post/Blog for a FEE, I would be interested to hear from you.

    I am NOT asking free favors, I am looking for people with PR2+ blogs who can allow post/blog for a FEE.

    Blogs/sites which will suit could be Home Improvement, Property Investment, Buying/Selling Guides, Property Matters or anything Bricks & Mortar related.

    I will provide, unique and engaging content and will let you review content before you publish.

    If it sounds something of interest, please PM me with

    1. URL where our blog/post will go
    2. Your email
    3. Price that you are looking for and what period does that cover
    4. Some basic stats of visitors

    Please do NOT PM me again asking what have I thought about it, if it's of interest I shall reply to your PM and send you an email to discuss further.