If you have your own product(supplement) what is the easiest/best networks to get on?

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    So Im starting a side business, creating my own supplement for diabetes. I might also have a skin lightener in the works.

    Of course theres many avenues you can take to sell product(amazon, ppc being perhaps best). The billing would be autoship(rebill). My idea is in the works but Im trying to find this.

    I understand most web basic concepts, but am not as keen on stuff as people here would be. I see though the fastest way to sales would be to share some of the profit with other people, affiliates. Heck even at 50% you could still come out ahead since the traffic is coming from other peoples sources. Since then you got experts in all kinds of media from banners to PPC helping to drive sales.

    So if I have a good sales page where would I go? Im just wondering what networks would take my product and is there any advanced stuff in setting this up?(of course I can outsource)

    Thanks a ton! Any insight is appreciated.
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    You normally need $10k+ advance in order to get your product listed (unless you are some bad ass well established IM'er with a bad ass rep - in which case THEY would pay you to have your product listed on their network).

    But expect to fork over 10-30k if you go with a reputable network.

    Your other option is to go with Amazon fulfillment! Look into that, there are some good courses on the subject out there you can get.

    Good luck
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    Ok, since you are getting started with this stuff, the first and very important thing that would matter is "Do you have trial offer or is it straight sale?". Second, most of the affiliates look over for the sales page (and 1 Click upsell) and look for EPC of your offer along with the upsell for the offer. If you have solid EPC, let's say $5 on the first step then consider you are in good luck and you have good amount of affiliates.

    First, you need to test the traffic on your sales page on your own to see how the sales page is performing. You can't go into the networks with some bad conversion rate for your offer, you know what i mean. Once you have the proven sales letter and you know it would rock then the next step is to reach out the major affiliate networks.

    I will name the few, "GoSocial (Drew Clement)", "JumbleBerry (Private network for nutra stuff)", "Grabads (aka Wolfstormmedia)".

    These 3 are the best for the intial test, and after that you can go forward.

    BUT, since you are getting into this industry, I would have someone hired for all this process for landing page design, testing it out If I were you.

    You should be only considered about handling the merchants stuff. Because, that's what most tricky part. If you need further help shoot me a PM, I will gladly help you out in this and link up with networks.
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    hi i own ozsupplement.com and want to sign up affiliates. help?