If you had to launch a site like Ebay/Amazon; How Would You Do It?

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    For a client of mine..

    If you were launching a site very similar to those, how would you go about getting the initial traffic?

    I suggested Social Media, Classified Sites, Press Releases, and some Offline Marketing. I guess some PPC wouldn't hurt either for that initial boost.

    I also suggested starting local, and then expanding out.

    Any other suggestions/warnings?

    Thanks. ~englandrm
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    i think you should start with PPc and social media like Facebook page and twitter etc that is the best source of tarfic for these kind of sites
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    Operating a website that sells a large variety of products is a huge endeavor to undertake. One approach (arguably smarter) is to sell one type of product and then expand to other things. Coincidentally this is how Amazon started out -- they first sold books.

    If it's an auction site like eBay then I would suggest initially advertising the site to college students mainly because many of them are in constant need of cash (to pay off tuition, to pay their rent, to buybooks). You could go to fiverr and have college students put up bulletins in their school advertising your site (i.e.: "Want to make quick cash? Auction off your dildos here!"). I would also have less fees than eBay to make it an attractive alternative.
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