If you had $100 to your name, what would you do?

Buy Shiba Inu tokens. The current price is $0.00001400 which gives you about 7 mil tokens. If it reaches $0.01 your profit will be about $70,000.
Get a job and then figure out what you're all doing and do that as a side income.Use the 100$ to eat until I start getting paychecks.
Start making phone calls to local businesses, and selling $50 Static HTML Websites, or Tumblrs.
Fastest way to make money, pretty much. Phone calls and emails.
My dream is to get to $100 and then I can ask what to do with it here in this thread.
If I just believe in my dreams and take a lot of Adderall I think it will happen.
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If you had just $100 to your name, what would you do to turn your shitty life around?

That means, you have housing, and clothes (im assuming you wear clothes at home) but no job and no food

As Lounge Master @TheVigilante says, OP always goes first

Me: I would stop whining and I'll go find a job at my local McDonalds to make some god damn money.
I've done this. Ended up making tens of thousands a day. But some analogue chemical from china, some damiana herb, acetone. Mix, soak, dry, eBay. I created a multi national company... Till the laws changed. GOOD TIMES.
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