If you had $100 to your name, what would you do?

$50 on weed test on drink and essentials like lighters rolling paper
Buy xReminisce.com for 100$ wait one year, resell to you for 200$

Make an ebook titled how I turned 100$ into 200$ noob friendly
Young PP: When I was husting, $100 was a lot. I would buy things online for $20 and sell it locally. Target was $80-$90...4x... Decent ROI right? I'll share an item here with you BHW folk. It was OBD2 Scanners from china. Buyers were local DIY mechanics. That hustle funded my college life.

Current PP: Gamble it on a weekly option play or computer parts.
I would buy a geo domain and flip it on flippa.
can also buy a mnthly subscription, write some articles and create a website to flip on flippa.
If you had just $100 to your name, what would you do to turn your shitty life around?

That means, you have housing, and clothes (im assuming you wear clothes at home) but no job and no food

As Lounge Master @TheVigilante says, OP always goes first

Me: I would stop whining and I'll go find a job at my local McDonalds to make some god damn money.
Buy Shiba
I would sell the house first. Because having a house doesn't mean you don't have any expenses towards it. Once you sell the house, buy a cheaper house in rural area or rent it until you start earning.
I have a lot more than $100 to my name and most time I don't know what to do. So I cant even imagine what I would do if I had $100 to my name.
$100 is a good amount where I come from. I'd probably invest it in anything I see can be flipped for easy profits right away. Collectibles (NFTs etc) and slowly grind out until the small gains are accumulated into say $1000. Then I'd probably invest this into something more long term.
For me I would get a job in either Retail or something which would accept more less anyone guessing I have no work experience or qualifications to my name in your theory once I saved up some more money for like 6 months to maybe longer form my own online business.

While doing the job I would try and get promoted or move to another employer who can pay me more per day or year .
...unless you live in a country with salaries so low that your salary will either cover your rent only or your food only, not both. (Now you know why some countries have shitloads of carders *shrugs*)
Real life case, no job. And by that I mean no local McDonalds etc. to employ any m********er. Lol... Life in the parts of the world where some of us finds ourselves can only be imagined..hihi
I mean you can struggle to find clothes and food sometimes and some connectivity(very expensive), but the odds are too huge..lol
$100 to my name, since food isn't really much of a problem to me, coz starving isnt sooo hard, or perhaps maybe I 've just perfected it. Would probably just buy something of value on the internet and try resell it for profits, even better, would use it to promote that product without buying it, and dropship it when its bought... Aint gonna be as easy and simple, nothing is, but hopefully it would had worked out with that imaaginary $100 of mine...LOL
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