If You Feel That Internet Marketing Is Tough Then Take A Look Inside

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    Internet Marketing does require hard work and effort but it becomes really hard because we make it so.
    So many people try their hands at Internet Marketing and when they make no money they become increasingly frustrated and ultimately quit.
    Since there is so much free information floating around, there is always a possibility of information overload and confusion creeping in.

    So if you hope to strike gold in IM someday then read on.

    1. Have a BUSINESS PLAN when you start

    Treat Internet Marketing as a business and it will pay you back like a business.

    First of all start with a POSITIVE mindset. Leave all the if's and but's out of your mind. Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is good as you will know which of the things don't work.

    Before you start, it is very important that you have a plan up your sleeves if you want to earn for a long time to come. A business plan will help you know where you are heading and will help you in reaching there. If you fail to draw up a plan you might well end up among the vast majority of online businesses that fail. Allocate a definite business budget to your expenses.

    2. Have a BUSINESS MODEL when you start

    Have GOALS in IM just like you have goals in real life. Having a pre-determined goal will keep you motivated.

    Ok, suppose you set your final goal as earning $3000 every month.

    Now pick up one SYSTEM i.e. business model (article marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging,etc) and a profitable niche you think that will help you reaching your goal and stick to it. Read and gather the necessary resources that will help you in your venture. Dont be disheartened if you dont see returns immediately. Remember that building a successful business takes time to develop and grow.

    Trying to learn article marketing, adsense, affiliate marketing, etc simultaneously will get you no where and will leave you all confused. So, focus only on one system at a time.

    3. Get started and take ACTION

    I just cannot stress the importance of taking ACTION. Don't wait for everything to be perfect. Just get started. The basic foundation of Internet Marketing is still the same. Stop reading countless money making guides and take action every SINGLE day. I know that its kind of scary for many to take the first step into their business but until you don't take action all your business plan and knowledge will be of no value.

    Your best plan is only as good as your worst action. So take lots of action and refine them over time by acting on what you see and not stepping away.

    Reserve some time everyday to learn something new and APPLY that something new to what you are doing.

    4. Start SMALL and then Slowly but Consistently build upon you Success

    Nobody makes a 6 figure income within a short span of time in internet marketing. All the big gurus of IM started small and then scaled their businessess to bigger heights.

    As stated above, suppose your final goal is earning $3000 every month. You can't expect to do that in the first 3-4 months.

    Instead start with SMALLER goals which will ultimately lead to the bigger goals. For explation purpose when starting, set your goal as to earning $30 the first month. It is definitely easier to achieve. Once you achieve it, double your goal to $60 the second month, $120 the third month and so on till you get to $3000 and above. Hope so you got the idea.

    Earning $3000 per month might seem quite overwhelming to someone who is just starting with a new business. Setting smaller goals will definitely help in the long run and will instill confidence in the induvidual every time his goals are achieved and would motivate him to do better every time.

    Evaluate your progress weekly. Change directions quickly if you are going the wrong way.

    5. Re-invest in your business

    If you work hard on your IM business for the first 2 months now you would have had a nice small income stream. Now whatever you earn, RE-INVEST20-30% back into your business.

    With this 20-30% you can now outsource, try paid advertising, try product creation, etc. The idea is to try anythning new that can directly bring you more sales or traffic. It might not work the first time. But be persistent, keep testing it and finding a way to make it work. Ask help if you need.

    Once you have figured it out and money starts pouring in, again re-invest 20-30% of that money. Now with that money you can hire a better copywriter or increase you adwords budget. Whatever you do, the basic idea is to directly increase sales and bring in more money.

    And the cycle continues.

    6. Rinse and repeat

    Once you reach your goal of $3000 per month, you can either rinse and repeat with another niche or follow a different business model.

    Internet marketing is not easy but it is definitely not hard. Those who are ready to work hard, work according to a plan and work consistently will be the ones who will see their dreams turning into a reality in the near future.

    Happy Holidays,
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    Awesome post Blackhat_boy, thanks for sharing

    Happy Holidays to you too