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Aug 20, 2009
I have been on here for a while now and noticed alot of negative comments and sketchy things for the people that are buying the services or products off of BHW members. Here are some that I receive personally.

[COLOR=Lime]How much is (certain package)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Lime]I want to test the service out first with a small package[/COLOR]
I would like to pay after I see the work

So the answers to these are quite simple, first off, please read a few pages of the thread before you ask any question, because most of the sellers on bhw do state their prices and any additional details inside of their thread.

If you would like to test the service fine. but if you test it and say that the service was great and you will buy more at a later date... something isn't right because a test generally is to see a small increase in whatever. traffic, ranking, PR , conversions, whatever.If you say the service is bad, then tell us and im sure we can check over our work and fix it, if not, a refund is the next step.

last, you want me to provide my service to you, then let you run off with my money ? thats a no go. most of the sellers on bhw are quite reputable and respected. also, check the thread again because im quite sure that there are great reviews on the threads.

now, ive had the occasional:

i want to see the work first because who knows if all of those people that commented are your close buddies

Now, I can only speak for myself on this one, but I assure you, all of the comments on any of these services threads, are very real. Lets just try to sneak fake comments past bhw... remember what the BH stands for. We won't Bh BHW.

So, I love my reviews, they actually make me smile, even the bad ones. because i know i can make it right for them.

onto the next thing.

I get tired of the people that say
I have 70 clients that will want your service

Ok, i believe you, until you realized I provided a great service and don't ever come back for them but just for the same site you gave me before.

Enough of the Rant and on to the good stuff.

Im glad that I am fortunate enough to have a thread in the services section and I am glad to help people out as well.

I am only human, and can only work as fast as my computer and internet speed will allow.
I get alot of people that tell me that they want their report RIGHT NOW and sometimes I must admit, that I am not ready, I always tell them if I am going to be late and all, but to give someone negative rep, or post a reply on their thread saying that the service is bad, is just not right.
Im not angel but im patient. I have sales coming in everyday, not only from here, but from other places and my own site as well. Also, I am the only one working on your orders.

Im sure alot of the people with a thread in the services section will agree to the fact that we are only human and can only work so fast, so
be patient and trust the sellers please.

There is not one person that I have seen that provides a bad service.
All respect goes out to them.

And , last but not least, if we(the sellers) don't get back to you immediately for a request or issue with an order, or even because we are late, again, be patient. We sleep too.

anyways, I guess thats enough for now. just stay calm and be patient. It won't kill you to wait an extra hour or day. ( 3 days extra is too long depending on the service)

All Respect to every person in the Services For Sale Thread
cheesecheese, i would thank you but you didn't post lol, ok in all seriousness, i appreciate everyone that read it :)
I totally agree with your statements..:banana:

I don't like when the first post to a service is can i get free review copy.. If they state that they give it out THEN you can ask for one
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Thanks a lot for taking time to discuss this issue http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/members/63076-cyrusvirus.html. Hopefully, it changes the way how some people think.

Much Appreciated!
your welcome. and yeah, i hope it does change some of the views and opinions on peoples thread

I totally agree with you..
thank you too, and yes, i agree with this. most, if not , all, members providing a service are very reputable and can deliver what they say they can.
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