If you are attractive its not abuse


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Apr 24, 2021
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If you are rich even though you are a just a studied in same school and never talked you are his/her friend and they will tell everyone you are his/her friend.
If you are attractive and pursuing some girl / guy even though they reject you should go again and talk to them ,you are not a creep ,if you are not attractive you are a creep .

Double standards world.
I am the most handsome man in BHW community.
sad thing is some random guy in the internet asks all good but people whom you know for years never ask are you okay
When a good looking guy approaches, it’s flirting. When a bad looking guy approaches, it is harassment. Double standards indeed. :p
OP when he found out the girl picked the other guy:

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when you realize that your happines should not depend on someone you will be unstopable, if you get rejected ok let's move on bring the next one please :D
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