If you already have your own product I need your help !

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    Allright , let's make the story short : I am in the process of creating my own product . I am new at this ,been an affiliate for my whole IM Journey .
    I did already the 1st mistake and it is not to search the Market properly . Basically , the product that I wanted to launch was featured on Dr. OZ and I wanted to take advantage of that , there was some hype when it first came out , and my future competitor are having anywhere between 6K and 30K UV Monthly . so I am guessing to have the same level of traffic if not more . I did a keyword research ( Why I didn't do it from the beginning , I don't know) and the number are not promising at all . So my questions are :
    Is it possible that a product have some hype with social Media and it is not reflecting the same level when it comes to SEM/SEO ?
    How to properly do a Market research ( preferably in the beauty , skin care , weight loss niche... ) ?
    All suggestions , constructive critics are welcome .