If I was to Hire affiliate marketers, what would I need to do tax wise?

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    Sorry If this has been discussed before, Did a lot of searching on google and here and didn't find much. What I did find was that for every new affiliate you have to have them fill out a 1099?

    Can someone with experience please elaborate the process for me?

    Is this something I can do on my own or is this something that I should hire a tax accountant for?

    How much does a tax accountant cost for something like this?

    Do I only have to send it if they make over $600?

    If they have made over $600 do I not pay them until they fill the form out?

    Sorry for all the questions, just having a hard time finding the answers. Is there more to this process I a missing. I want to contact a bunch of social media accounts about affiliate marketing and don't want to dig myself a hole tax wise without first knowing what I'm getting into.

    Thanks for your help!