If I use my father's account from his property, would they notice or care?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Fred2507, Jan 19, 2017.

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    I've received packages in my name at his address before (the one on his acct) and
    We tried linking our accounts before (it said no since mine is fairly new)
    Also I've logged into his acct from a device here
    I don't suppose it wouldn't be too late to set up vnc on a machine over there so that we could use his (much higher limit) account .. from here, right?

    I was curious to know if it'd satisfy them for me to delete my 2-3 month old account and THEN if we used his instead would we be more likely to be okay?
    Could I delete mine and then change the name on his to me???
    Also he is being difficult and lazy about working on calling up to get the paypal login taken care of
    So if I did that I could just use my PayPal I suppose ?

    Wrapping my brain around how they operate is not 100% complete

    Damn it !
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    Using an account of friends or family members is never recommended. If you sell anything on his accounts or forget to pay fees, it is your father who will be liable.
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    Family member is not recommended. You might be best to purchase an account that fits your needs or build it yourself if possible.