If I have a product to sell, how do I get affiliates to market it?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by lolpie, May 20, 2009.

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    I just created a niche health & fitness ebook (still doing finishing touches) and joined Clickbank because it looks like they offer the best customer support and largest affiliate network. Once I submit the product, is there anything I need to do to get affiliates to market it?

    Any tips/suggestions?

    Can I get you black hatters as my affiliates on clickbank?
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    of course you can recruit affiliates to promote your product
    there is an ebook called super tips for publisher (something like that ,i don't remember the exact name)
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    '...Why not 'give' anyone who signs up as an affiliate a professionally worded and designed Wordpress or other sales page, or website to market it from.

    It doesn't have to be anything fancy and there are even some free sales pages available online.

    I will be launching a new product soon and any affiliates will be given a website to sell from. The website will be more basic than the main site, which has already been two-years in development, but affiliates like the idea of getting their own free website. [We have to accept that apart from hard-working Black-Hatters, most people want big bucks for doing very little, so make it idiot-proof for them to sell for you]. Alternatively, you might want to design a flash banner which can go on existing websites which when clicked on links back to your website with the affiliates code.

    If running with the website idea, affiliates can either pay for their own hosting, not too much to ask if you're giving them a website worth hundreds of dollars, it can be hosted free, there are plenty of free hosting packages, although they will be peppered with other adverts, or better still if you're up to it, you host it for them and charge them, although you might have fewer takers if they have to pay too much, however, this could also be used as a gauge to see if they are serious or not.

    Built into the blog or website can be the 'buy it now button' which links back to you with the affiliates code, so purchasers will be downloading the product from your website, not the affiliates.

    Marketing your product this way usually means you reach saturation point much quicker, but if you're going to make a million from it, I personally would rather have the million in a few weeks/months and not have to wait around for years.

    Inevitably, your ebook will end up on RapidShare or other such place as a free download, so be prepared to constantly update it with additional chapters so that you stay one-step ahead and always have a 'new, latest edition'.

    If you do decide to go with this, get your affiliates to sign an agreement that they are not allowed to change the salespage, either in content or pricing, or better still, you upload to the server and lock-down the HTML so it can't be messed with'.

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    try paydotcom.com .. i think you should get some affiliates from there.. that is of course, if your product & sales page look good and if you offer a high % on sales... i'm actualy marketing some guys membership site and he pays me 90% comission from sales :D

    just a tip ;)


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    It seems to me that the best selling products on CB offer a 75% comission... i believe its the highest % you can offer on CB. It attracts more affiliates- the dollar signs flash in their eyes and they will start marketing it. That is, if they think it is sell-able.