If anyone has a few minute to spare, Looking for php help

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    Basically what I am needing is when a visitor comes to my site and request info on a product, the form sends the product id or name.

    I have the site set up like product.php?Item-26 and the item number changes based on the product.

    I need the email being sent to say something like

    Visitors Name has requested info on Item 26

    Name - Visitors Name
    Email - [email protected]
    Phone - 123-456-7890
    Company - Visitors Company

    Item info requested for
    Here is the products name

    I have searched everywhere and I cannot find anywhere that I can make this happen. Having a form pull data from the database.

    If anyone has a spare few minutes to take a look at my code I would sure appreciate it. Just shoot me a PM and I will send my skype name