✅ IDENTORY - Anti-Detect Browser for multi-accounting professionals

Any review copies?
Any review copies?
Any review copies?
We don't provide free review copies.

Hey looks like a solid product, i would have 2 questions:
1. Did you already have the chance of publishing a recommended proxy resource list?
2. And are you able to bypass Datadome captcha in the tool (with the right proxies of course)

Thanks :)
1) Of course, here's a list with our proxy recommendations:

2) We have automated tests for various systems including Datadome and our product passes it when using automation.
Version 5.2.0 has been released!

  • Chromium core updated to version 123
  • Updated OS versions database
  • Minor bug fixes
Any review copies?
We don't provide free review copies.

Is There Any Special Discount Available? Interested In Your Service.
Promo code:
(-15% on the first subscription)

Any browserscan screenshots while running profile to check fingerprint?
Sure, this is a screenshot of a profile on default settings with residential proxy:
However, keep in mind that this checker has been noticed in false positives on the time zone and this is due to improper implementation of the checker on the site or due to poor quality database. Be sure to check with other checkers (such as Pixelscan and Browserleaks) if you have doubts. And we also do not recommend doing checks on profiles for work as some checkers have been caught leaking information to AF systems.
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