Identity Verification Offers are back

Discussion in 'CPA' started by adam.jn, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Sorry if this has already been posted, I couldn't find it.

    The ID check offers are back online from Dollarsra*n.

    You now have to get a phone call from them and get approved.

    Heres the email
    We have good news. Finally after a long downtime the offers are live again but we wont be allowing promotion directly through Dollarsrain. We would be listing the offer on multiple networks and we would be only accepting traffic on the offers through them now. We are keeping the offer very private now and we have changed a lot of things in the product as well as the offer so that problems that happened last time don't repeat. We would be phone interviewing everybody before they get accepted to the offer, you would also be asked to disclose your method of promotion and given the guidelines that needs to be followed while promoting our offer. Only the affiliates willing to follow the guidelines would be accepted to run the offer and there would be constant checks in order to see if the affiliates are following the terms or not.
    We have been forced into using stringent norms like these because of the fraud received on the network which lead to a large number of problems last time and we do not what a similar situations to rise again. 
    We are not offering the offer directly to affiliates now and are doing so via other private networks only. The link below is to one of the networks we are listing our offer on. We do not own the network and are one of the many merchants listing our offer there.
    If you are willing to accept the new terms and want to sign up to run the offers please sign up here: