Identifie These Ecommerce Scripts?

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    Basically I'm just trying to figure out whats the name of the script that some of the sites below are using because I'm trying to start a Ecommerce site and i like how some of the site scripts features work If you dont know the name of the script that the site is using you can just PM me or post the link here.Any help is appreciated but please don't just post random shit for post count.Please don't hijack my thread,just make your own.

    I cant post links so you will have to fix the links from (.) to just a "."

    Heres the list of the scripts im trying to find:

    Where can i find a script like this that lets customers sell broken/used products to you and they menu lets you pick certain things that are wrong with the product and if it comes with accessories and also calculates the final selling value.

    Lets company sell there products off your site with there own profile.Kind of like eBay but without the bidding and its wholesale and every company gets there own control panel.


    Great Ecommerce script with great features i just dont know the name of it.