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    I am currently rehashing an old penny auction script and I am building it in a way to actually release to the public with a Pay if you Profit structure (10% of all sales gets kicked to me).

    I am hoping that the community can give me an idea of what to put into the penny auction in terms of features so that people can start making some serious profit if they hosted their own penny auction with my script...

    When it is ready, I'll be happy to post the script to be available for download on this and several other forums :) --- So ideas please and thank you!

    Current List of Features:
    * Mass Emailing
    - CANSPAM Compliant, helping you avoid Legal ramifications for spammy email.
    * Profit & Cost Tracker
    * Referral Program
    * Clean URLs Option
    * 4 Template Choices
    * Auto Purchase New Bid Packages
    * Administrative Section
    - Configuration Set Up
    - PayPal & AlertPay API & IPN Integration
    - Set your Email
    - Email Marketer
    - Set up your own Bid Packages
    - Time Increase Setting
    - Free Bid Give Aways & Starting Packages
    * Easy to Set Up Forum
    * Free Sub-Domain/Hosting
    * Place your own Ad to be viewed
    - Adsense, Adbrite, Any ads!.
    * Bot/Shill Bidding
    - Good for Demo Purposes.
    - Recommend against actually using it in a live auction.

    Some of these features I am still coding. But I simply wanted to at least get this out here and get people's opinion of what a good Penny Auction Script would require.

    I am hoping that I can build something that will become a hit and people can go straight ahead and set up their own auctions quickly, make some major profit and that they and I are happy. And ultimately, if I make enough, cut back my current hours or do this 100% full time.
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