Ideas on monetizing job niche website?

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    Hi guys!

    I'm currently looking to add another income stream to my IM activities and thought about building a nice website that features job listings from various companies. People who come to the site looking for jobs will also be able to register a public profile on the website and they can upload their resumee there but they are not forced to do that. Actually there is just one big website right now here in Austria, where people who want get employed look for work and it doesn't even has a responsive design - you know what I mean? :) I have written a script that scrapes all the listings from this particular site. With this scraped data my website will a have about 6000+ jobs (maybe I'll cut it down to the 3000 most recent ones) as soon as it goes online.

    My first question: Is this method illegal? Companies pay for a listing on the mentioned #1 website and actually I'm using "their content" with a commercial intention. I don't think that the companies will complain about it since their job listings get a wider reach for free and they look much better because of my design but can I get in serious legal trouble following this practice?

    I'll be promoting my website in facebook job groups which should work fine to receive some initial traffic. Later on I'll be writing some blog posts about how to apply for a job, how to do an interview, maybe offer some resumee templates, etc. to rank for organic search terms and have some shareable quality content on there. So far so good...

    So, this brings me to my next question: How would you monetize this kind of website? First I thought of putting some adsense blocks on there but I'm not sure if this is going to be that profitable in this niche - do you have any experience on adsense+job niche? The second idea that just came to my mind was promoting books about applications and job interviews and linking out to Amazon (I'm already a member of amazon associates - so why not utilize that). On physical books and e-books there is a 7-10% commisson which is very nice. There is also a 3? pay per signup program for Amazon BuyVIP which I'm probably going to use - you know, "cheap top brand clothing for your job interview" articles.

    What do you think about my idea? I'm very open to your monetization ideas. I also thought about something like Clickbank but it would be important that landing pages and product descriptions are in german language. Should I start to charge companies for listings in future? How much should I charge them for a listing depending on my website traffic?

    Just tell me what you honestly think and thanks for being such a great and helpful community :)

    Regards from Vienna,
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    Build a site that offers all the job listings but also collect their email in exchange for ebooks, pdfs, etc to help them get a job.

    You could then either get a comission off of helping recuriters find the right canidate or even sell the list to job agencies.

    Using this method also, allows you to sell to your email list, work from home opps & any other products you may want.