ideas for making money

There are hundreds of threads in this category about your subject, why not try and read a couple before you ask.
post a video on youtube about some product you can sell or some survey to complete and cash commissions
there are many shared here in the site. but i will say your mindset is not really correct, it should be find out what skill your need to make money. What skill you need to train
there are many options, search through making money topic and find a thread with methods people sharing their money making tips.
selling wordpress websites is easy
u can do that on upwork/fiverr or monetize ur own
maybe sell to local businesses?
Online there are a lot of these quick to learn skills, anything makes money.
Your best friend should be google, and ur best skill should be sales (marketing).
any ideas can help to start making money from web?
Try different schemes for making money on the forum every day. Something will work out.
And don’t give up, if something doesn’t work out, you gained experience. Next time it will work.
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