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    As some know here, my little team of myself, infTee, and a couple others are developing an awesome version (V2) of UltimateViralGaming, something I created for marketing with facebook games, without actually having to create games.

    That said, if you haven't checked this out yet, there are two threads in the download section about it, though the only one with the full product (V1) is the [GET]Marketing with Facebook Games (complete) thread. Though both have some good information in there.


    Now, we are building an advertising network for subscribers of V2 (which has awesome features). What we have been doing so far....

    We contacted a few business people/IM'ers and offered them the ability to offer our customers the ability to utilize their affiliate offering with our product.

    Basically, they already have affiliate offerings (clickbank, affiliate plugins, whatever) and we simply put their affiliates within our network, giving our customers instant access to these affiliate offerings immediately.

    This gives them an outlet, but does not work like a CPA. It works like a smaller version of clickbank, but we do not charge the advertisers or the affiliates. Click bank itself does enough of that, and internet marketers sell through them, and affiliates utilize clickbank as well within this network.

    I think if we bring the users many options to promote other products it will increase the versatility of what we are offering.

    Now the idea here is to find anyone who wants to find affiliates for their product, but they do have to go through some kind of screening process, and they will have to either be connected with clickbank or their own affiliate program, and if they are reported to us from our clients, they will be booted off the network.

    So to recap:

    We are not becoming an ad network per se
    We want to just keep a steady amount of good (trustworthy) people in our little network that our buyers can utilize within their preloaders and so on, and make cash from that, as well as other methods.

    I was thinking, how could we privatize this? Or make it more profitable for the users and the advertisers?

    Hmm, there is a lot of stuff to think about and maybe you guys can take a different view, see it in a different way.