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    Asking please, for some help on ideas, feedback and also to pick your brains on this business model.

    Just for discussion's sake, let say I'd like to set up a website that has a generic Internet Marketing theme (it is actually in a totally unrelated theme ;) ) or if you prefer instead, a DIY car modification theme to change your car from a regular to a turbo charged vehicle, if you like ;)

    Website Concept
    Let's say I wanted the site to allows folks to:

    1) Ask and post questions
    2) Answer questions and/of offer advice, suggestions, etc.
    3) Brainstorm and incubate new ideas
    4) Allows people to interact (online or offline....and nope it's not some dating site :p)
    5) Allows consumers (or people with problems) and service/solution providers to come together

    Questions for Your Ideas and Feedback

    Q1. What would you suggest as a Website Engine or Model?
    Personally, I considered having a forum script coupled with a social networking script. Toyed with using Wordpress but as the information AND categories of information grows, I wonder if WP might not be able to handle it so well, but I don't really know.

    Q2. What might be the best way to organize information and categories (both in terms of the content that I generate or provide, as well as the content that visitors or members might provide)? What I need is flexibility in having, adding, editing categories and the chunks of information in the respective categories.
    Again, I thought a forum might do good on this but I'd appreciate other ideas or approaches.

    Q3. What are some of the better ways to monetize such a website and its content? Obviously ad sense or contextual ads is 1 option, CS-ing might be another but I'm a noob so it might be risky, posting CPA offers, banners etc might be good.

    Q4. What traffic methods might you suggest for such a website model?
    I think article marketing might not be the best way but perhaps PPC, banner ads, social network marketing and email marketing might work. However, I am hoping to be able to do some initial free and/or paid advertising but let the subsequent marketing rely on word of mouth marketing to help spread its use, visitation, and repeat visitation. Again, I'm open to and would appreciate ideas :)

    Q5. If you have other ideas or suggestions related to this topic, I'd be real grateful if you'd post it here :)

    Thanks a bunch, folks.

    Cheerio :)