Ideas about how to promote url shortener service?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Mr.Nick.., Oct 5, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    I've got a 3 character domain name (Z.XY something like this) and I plan to open an URL shortener service on it, I've got very unique plan for monetization, I can't reveal any details but it is something never seen before and the best part is, there are no ads, no wait time for users to be redirected or something like that.

    I've also talked to a few programmers and they are ready to start writing the special cms for this service, it's gonna have tons of features. So long story short, it's gonna be a better version of

    Now the thing is, I need to attract visitors and I just don't see any methods of promoting url shortener service and attract some people in IM field. I of course can do media buying and SEO but they are both very expensive in my opinion, I need something cheaper. Any ideas would be highly appreciated :)

    Thanks for advance.
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    You could try something outside the box. Contact small youtubers (around 20k subs), and offer them money each month, and in exchange they will only use your shortener in their descriptions. There are many youtubers, and if your shortener is non intrusive (no ads, just quick redirect) then your traffic will slowly increase.

    Good luck!