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Apr 7, 2009
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I drove some 50k traffic to my wordpress blog yesterday, and my vps crashed. The SQL loads were like crazy. When you run an autoblog, when you have more than 10k articles in your blog, the sql begins to load your server like crazy, and a shared host will see it as a burden, and a vps will just crash with more traffic.

So I have this bright idea to write a code that would rip feeds and make html files for each article, and the index of all these files will be on an xml file, which will be read and displayed by the index.php, which will have an editor also for each html file.

The theme, header, footer, etc etc will all be included in the index.php, and any plugins you might want to add will be in form of a code instead of a seperate php file, which you can just paste in your control panel of the blog.

This are really easy this way, there is be almost no load on your servers.

Anyone wanna help me with the coding?
I am not sure about ripping a html page for every article. However, the indexing part alone is done by Sitemap Generator Plug-in.
What it does it, it just creates page with links to your posts (and pages if you want).
what about using a plugin like wp cache or something like that?
how does wp-cache work? does it save posts on files and reduce db load? does it cache on the server or on the visitor's computer?

edit: silly question, will find out :D
its cronjob crash your vps
wp cache is good reduce it
but if you have a lot autoblog one vps :( dunno
A Flat file CMS is what you're looking for. These things basically just run php without a database (create static files). Frog is pretty good. You just lose out on the abundance of awesome plugins offered by WP.
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