Idea to transform paid traffic in referrer for Adsense moneysite

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    I have just had an idea for those who are no longer ranking on 1st page on Google, but only on bing.

    1. Send country targeted paid traffic to a page of a website (not indexed and no backlinks)

    2. Include an iframe on this page with search results for the query you are targeting and for which your Adsense money site is ranking

    3. Have a script on your website page which automatically finds your money site in the iframe bing search result page and then clicks on your moneysite url

    4. Find a way to get the click break you out of the Iframe

    Note: All of this would be automatic, and steps 2 to 4 would be invisible for the user who would arrive in his eyes directly on your money site.

    I have 2 questions for you guys:

    1) Is this feasible ?

    2) The objective of this, is that Google Adsense/Analytics (installed on money site), sees your paid traffic as referrer, which would look totally natural considering you are well positionned on that search engine. Can anyone confirm this would be the case ?

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    I'm not sure that JavaScript can be used to do what your saying, though it might be possible.

    However, I don't think buying Bing Ads --> Adsense site is against the TOS.


    You could do what you're saying a lot easier by sending traffic to:

    use PHP to do something like: if $code = 555 don't load AdSense/GA

    then use PHP to get CODE, if equal to 555 load Meta Refresh + JavaScript redirect + PHP Header Location (this method works for all browsers, as some methods do no work in certain browsers). That should set the refer to blank or the active domain.

    So to Google it would seem like direct navigation traffic.


    Alternatively you could send the user to and then use Click Jacking to spawn a new window when they click anywhere on the site with your adsense site. You might even be able to click jack a hidden link to your site so that the new site loads in the same window.

    Ban IP after redirect so they can never get back to the site before. This is easy using PHP and a centralized database.
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