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    If you don't like this post, unless it's because you like to kill ideas and have doubts any of this will work, feel free to explain in the comments.

    You've probably read my other post about an initiative to use an 'IDEA' "tag" in front of each post with information you couldn't use in your journey of being an online success. If not, well I pretty much told you the reason I'm using the tag.

    Some ideas I have are left unused for one reason or another, hopefully they bring you prosperity or kick start a brainstorm that will lead you to ideas that will then bring you success in your online endeavors. As I've said before don't expect the best or worst in ideas you haven't even fully thought out on paper yet. Stop dismissing and prejudging ideas for being ideas, you're killing the streams that may lead into a spring of success for you, or someone else.

    With that, I bring you one idea that has brought me some success, though I never fully expanded on it.

    It started off being based on the TV niche, but as you can see in the title, I believe it'll work across even more topics/niches. Your creative juices should slowly start flowing right about now.

    Back to the context where I got it from.

    It's about the same old TV/movie method.

    1) Find a popular show.
    2) Find episodes (optional for the truly blackhat, though this is NOT an option for those who want a more long-lasting "business")
    3) Host links or episodes on a website, attract traffic.
    3a) Traffic from sites where people are already viewing videos (ie: Youtube, DailyMotion, Veoh, etc)means they're more likely to visit your site.
    4) Content block the episodes/links OR monetize some other way.

    You see in #4 I add a second option apart from what is now the usual method, because you can also just draw traffic in with these episodes and monetize them with another product related to anything in the show, OR the interests of the type of people who like that show. The old "if you like this, you'll LOVE this" somewhat-door-in-the-face type technique.

    Anyways, the twist to make you different from the other people doing the same 4 basic steps above is to tailor your episodes to the oldies.

    This is where the nostalgia bit kicks in. How many of us LOVE to talk about the old days? You know how GOOD it makes you feel to relive those moments, from just TALKING about them. Sometimes we even WANT to relive those moments because the situations we're in now aren't going as well as we'd want them to.

    The bottomline is, we all have things we like about the past. One of them are television shows (or the period where the things on TV were actually enjoyable to watch).

    That's all there is to it.

    A "new" niche is formed. Pandering to a specific group of people by using the effect of nostalgia to draw them out. You've suddenly made yourself different from the rest. As I've said before, this will work with more than TV shows. They don't treat history as an important topic for nothing, there's a goldmine of information relating to the interests of people in the past.

    With social media outlets like twitter, facebook, google plus (does anyone use this one?), you don't have to wait for SEO to get results fast.

    The rest is up to you, but I will leave you with some topics relating to TV, though some of you who recognize these shows may come up with even more ideas apart from the TV genre - and that's the fun about brainstorming and doing this kind of thing for you guys. I really hope others wipe the dust off their old notepads/"idea banks" and join along.

    TV Niches from: the 90's. (Some will be from 2000+)

    Beast wars
    Bobby's world
    Street sharks
    Godzilla the series
    Godzilla the animated series
    Johnny bravo
    Mighty max
    Pinky and the brain
    Swat kats
    Super Mario Super Show
    Are you afraid of the dark
    Wild Thornberrys, The
    Tales from the CryptKeeper
    Toxic Crusaders
    The tick
    Samurai Pizza Cats
    Rocko modern life
    Ren and stimpy
    Road rovers
    Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
    Cow and Chicken
    Hey arnold
    Biker Mice from Mars
    Angry beavers
    Batman: The Animated Series
    2 stupid dogs
    G gundam
    Darkwing Duck
    Batman beyond
    Xiaolin showdown
    Monster rancher
    The jetsons
    Huckleberry hound
    Yogi bear
    Rocky & Bullwinkle
    Captain Planet
    Magilla Gorilla
    The Snorks
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Secret Squirrel
    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
    Gundam 0080
    Gundam SEED
    Ronin Warriors
    Zatch Bell!
    YuYu Hakusho
    Gundam Wing
    Duel Masters
    Megas xlr
    Jonny quest
    Jackie Chan Adventures
    Storm Hawks
    Bionicle: Mask of Light

    As I've said in the beginning, I actually had begun to implement this and met some success. I'm sitting here looking at this list and wondering how much more I could have made had I been as strongwilled and motivated as I am now.

    Oh well, that opportunity is yours now. Remember, it's not just about TV niches, nostalgia works on a whole lot more. And if you can't monetize it, maybe you'll still be able to draw traffic and monetize another way. After all, how many times do people rave about all the good methods on BHW, but then complain on how hard it is to get traffic?

    I hope your minds are bursting with ideas right now, and they don't have to revolve around the effects of nostalgia. Find out what else gets people in that dreamlike state, find the "problem", brainstorm some ideas on paper and have at it!

    If you truly have an interest in this, blank out all the objections going in your head. Right out your ideas on paper, fully think them out and then criticize them according to cost/time/effectiveness/difficulty. Then pick a winner and put all your being into getting the solution out as soon as possible.

    All questions are welcome, it's late and I'm sure my post isn't in it's best form. You don't have to post either, send a PM!
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    Thanks for sharing your ideas, I appreciate it! Yeah my dad even still searching for classic music online! :D It will works or not, better try with our own creativity. I will try this method this weekend, I already printed this page, lol.