{Idea}I would like to half autoblog my site<<BOOST MONEY + SEO>>

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    so Im pretty high right now and the lightbulb landed on my head.
    I was checking my wordpress site out. It is forex based.
    All I have is about 7 post about automated trading systems.
    To me; each post is a tentacle that grabs traffic. the more tentacl;es you have the more traffic yopu get. So lets say I wanted to automate one category only. Like the news category. what if I grabbed feed from trustworthy forex news sites and autorewrote them to post on my blog in the news category. I just built more tentacles. and those subpages will get keywords; thus getting visitors.

    I could have my site look professional by having "home page" "about us" "contact us" and "news" in the header. When the site looks professional you build trust.

    soo.... What plugins must I have to do this? Ive looked around here some, but was just wondering which autoblog plugins are the best.
    and is there a plugin that will autoblog post to a specific category only?

    I hope you liked my idea. it might not make sendse because Im high.. :)
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