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    I am going to test this method out and bring results............

    I noticed today a site called *begslist*org - this site is where people go begging for money and they put in their problems, and people can donate
    to their need.

    I also noticed that others who want to help put in write ups that say things like "they will help those really in need" and put their email address in their write up.

    Some of the helpers say things like "I am here to help someone who is really in need, I have financial backing and willing to help you get back on your feet. Email me at [email protected] "

    I thought that these people probably get a ton of emails from people who are in desperate need of cash _____> and my lightbulb came on.

    Joining beg*slist is FREE
    Adding Requests or Offers to help is FREE

    Do I need to elaborate on the rest of the idea?

    ME again
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