[Idea] e-Book Store in China or Russia

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Dellius, Oct 18, 2010.

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    I was thinking about making an ebook store hosted in China or Russia and selling online digital versions of books and textbooks.

    Here is what I think may be of interest to my potential customers.

    -Textbooks and Teacher's edition textbooks.
    -Financial books.
    -Health books
    -Lifestyle books

    I intend to host it somewhere in China or Russia, due to the specifics of their copyright laws, but Sweden also comes to mind.

    I also think to add an option for people to order printed copies of the books for a small additional fee. The books will be printed and shipped from either Russia or China.

    I still don't know what payment processor to use, though.

    Also, my search for a host is just starting.

    I intend to target American and Western Europe.

    What do you think? Worth doing ? I am not greedy, I just want some source of income.

    I would appreciate any kind of feedback and criticism.
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    Aug 22, 2010
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    It has been done before successfully. A lot of people do this in China I know because I have had several of my e-Books ripped off. There is a lot of competition and it is hard to build trust when you're selling copyrighted material so cheap. The problem is that honest people who understand the internet will know you're illegally selling copyrighted material and will think of you as a thief. Honest people do not deal with people they believe to be dishonest.

    I know this because after these Chinese guys started sending spam emails that featured my e-Books for 1/5 of the price I got a rush of visitors to my site. Most ended up buying the e-Book from me as they did not trust the other site. I have no clue how many sales they made but in the end they brought me truck loads of sales.