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    I was reading the post before about customer care service --> Great initiative.. !

    Thanks for this one, ... but is it not too much unstructured? There will become questions about everything, and after a while no one can follow that topic anymore... but I'm encourage the initiative, that's a great one!

    I was thinking ... after I read that thread why are members here not offering some one-to-one guidance over ICQ. (I know the answer to this question..., but just throwing it in plain)

    I was thinking.. some mentoring of newbies could be a great thing. Problem with much people (I'm counting my own also in this) is that here at BHW you can find TOO MUCH information0 (this is already said so often). It's impossible to read, understand and mastering everything.

    You get over saturated with info at blackhatworld. As a newbie it's impossible to see what's the difference between a good method, what's a fluffy method, what's a overused and no working method any more, what's a scam.

    Some boot camp for learning everything here could be a good method... but impossible. It's the best thing that a newbie choose for a specific tactic / market / niche, and follow this one structured till he master this one.

    I was thinking... about a BHW-degree where you have to follow courses and have to do tasks to master specific skills. Where a mentor (experienced members from here) could follow your project and point you in the right direction. Some people having enough with one word (like myself)... but when you don't know, that you are working in the right direction it's difficult to see everything claire enough.

    I know that there are people who are offering some services and one to one coaching (like c$$kie st$fing for example) but as newbie you have to choose between a lot of persons who you don't know and sometimes at an overpriced fee and you can get scammed.

    There fore we have here a good forum.. why don't start with a BHW boot camp organized by existing members but in the framework of BHW.

    The newbies could pay for the BHW-degree, at a reasonable price because it's not about here you get you're site, here are the tools... And here you have big $$ in return for free.

    IMHO it's has to be like: First follow this guidance, and you have to read on bhw these three topics, search on google for that topic and read about it. Build you're site like described in this topic, try to making back links like here is said (but IMHO I should try this a bit different, like ...)
    When this is done, you may show you're site at you're mentor. Start from a framework.

    When you're pupil has completed his task, he can show the mentor his work and talk with him about things he should do different and the mentor could explain to his pupil why he should do some things different.

    Everything has to be structured.. so it's only possible to follow courses on subject like:
    * 5 different methods to find good long tail keywords
    * The right way to c$$kie st$ff with image script image X
    * ...

    This could be courses that cost for example 10$ (for the mentor) and to follow the courses you have to pay a yearly subscription (30$) with BHW. (so it's a win-win-win situation) Things are cheap you aren't getting newbies that think everyone is doing everything for free for them.
    And you can master things at a reasonable price.

    When you have master a course you can have a little exam when you pass that one you can gain a badge at this forum (I know that this is a extension on the forum software and that it's possible)

    And you can go over to the next course. This can be a good thing for newbies, and for existing members (noboddy is mastering everything), but it has to be structured !

    Just brainstorming with me, myself, and I.

    Tell me your thoughts about my brainstorm session :)
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