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I'd Like To introduce myself

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by kara071982, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. kara071982

    kara071982 Newbie

    Sep 20, 2008
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    About me
    I've been trying to earn money online fore about a year or so. When I started, i created a Work At Home Review site so I could sell my affiliate programs. I was excited after the first week when I saw my clickbank account to $280... about four times what i had spent to get started. Most of my leads came from craigslist ads, and free ads on Facebook. While I was able to make a good bit of money using this method, and craigslist became more stringent on what they allow i had to find a new way to make a profit.....

    after doing some research and finding that mesothelioma lawyers are paying huge amounts for each and ever click you get to them from your adsense sites. I decided to create a great adsense page about mesothelioma with good quality topics, but the only links on the page would be the paid ads.


    By posting a few ads everyday on craigslist had hundreds of people emailing us their information, and the best part is that they were clicking on our paid ads! within the first day of using this method I had earned over $400. This trend continued, and when my roommate and I worked together when we didn't have class we were able to make over $750 on many days. At the end of our first month with adsense we had accumulated over $11,355.... which was cancelled two days before payment was to be sent. I tried to follow their written rules, but messed up along the way, I suppose... I'm sure the ridiculous CTR didn't help my cause very much....

    Is there anyway that i can attempt this method more wisely, but still get similar results? I don't need to make 6 figures from this, but there seems to be some money in this.... Also, is there anywhere I could sell these contacts to? I have thousands of email addresses, names, and area codes, and even full resumes...

    I know this is a long first post, but I've been reading these forums for a long time, and feel that There are a lot of people around these boards with information I otherwise wouldn't find, and I hope to be able to help others with the knowledge I have.

    Thanks For Having Me Around
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