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    Jan 27, 2008
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    Hi there,

    iam a newbie with all this kind of web marketing, blogs and stuff. Anyway iam quiete interesting to do something with youtube and videos, maybe some adds with ebay when someone could upload the ebay add software again.

    Well, so fare i found lots of infos on the web how to redirect from youtube to small blog webpages, but i have no clue at the moment for the basement ( means the main webpage). How should my main page look like, what type, what general kind of marketing/infos/ads/content should i concentrate on for the main webpage. Just only about video content in general or did u have success with combinations ?

    I was thinking about wordpress for main page and short blog pages, but heard that maybe other types are better especially later on for more massive production of small pages ?

    I guess i will start first with free webspace without forced advertising, donno which international webhosters are any good for my start but my current national is quiete good (50k free traffic, enough upload but only for one free domain with a shortcut of the company). Iam from europe and the bizz in general is more concentrated still on adsense in general for the masses so far i see. Iam not sure if its a good idea how i think to start, my english isnt my mother language so iam limited when it comes to conent and conversation but i think for some kind of marketing it is probably enough and i learn every day new words hehe.

    I just dont have the overview and dont know where to start and what to concentrate on at the beginning ...

    Thx for your ideas and help :)