I would love to get your opinions on my niche review site

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    I've been using meathead1234's method of setting up a niche review blog. So far, I'm only getting about 15-20 unique visitors a day. I'm commenting on all newly released news articles and some blogs that discuss my niche. I'm also posting in a couple major forums with a link in my signature.

    I've been doing this for two weeks now since I redesigned my site, and the first week I made two sales. One was on a Friday and the other was the next day on Saturday. I believe they are from the same person because it's also from the same state. It looks like that person got to my site by searching on Google for one of the product names. Since those sales, it's been a week and I haven't had any new sales, so my efforts of posting of forums, blogs, and news sites don't seem to be working. I'm really trying to make this work and reach the $50-100 a day mark if possible, so any recommendations would be appreciated. I don't know much about SEO, but I've also been trying to submit my site to different blog directories.
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    You've made the first and the most important move: you've your website in place and you're acting to improve it. Congratulations!
    The first thing is to make a keyword research: choose the phrases you want to rank high in google search. (check some threads here, hint: google keyword tool).
    Then you can find some good services here to help you go there.
    As for the web page: if you want to post more articles there split them into pages. The main page will quickly become too crowded. And if you want to put really many articles there you should get yourself a content management system like Wordpress.

    Take care and good luck!
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    Just going to say, be VERY careful giving out your niche. You may have just made a bunch of competition from guys on here who are desperate.