i would like to buy accounts with 2k+ friends

Ok, I have an account over at the VA with 2k friends, Looking for $23,735.96 for it...

Want to be more specific?
k looking for facebook account with over 2 k friends, friends mainly based in uk or usa
Is it easy to get facebook friends? I haven't used facebook yet, only used twitter before. However, I think facebook maybe the next social network which I am interested.
I am also interested in the valuable for such an account with 2k+ friends on facebook. Maybe about $100?
I'm also interested in FB accounts - ideally friends with a regional focus - SF, LA, Vegas, Chicago, DC, NY - PM me.
How do you make money from facebook this way? Messaging the other people? That's pretty spammy and would create a lot of problems I think. Need to do something that will get you shut down too quickly. I'm actually trying some ads in facebook right now and trying to get something that converts. I'm thinking dating offers are probably the best
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