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I would appreciate some imput

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by medruwo, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. medruwo

    medruwo Newbie

    Oct 8, 2016
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    So this being my first post on this site, it will be a fairly long one as I am new to youtube and internet marketing stuff.
    To begin, I heard lots of people make money on youtube from adsense or video views and while I dont know much about how to do that or what the requirements are, I want a piece of the pie as well. I believe I have an idea for a youtube video that would bring a pretty hefty sum of money into my hands, and bring a lot of attention to my video, but being new to this I'm not sure how to start and there are some concerns I have.
    With todays political situation, many people are into prepping and survival and stuff of that nature. My idea for the video is a tutorial on how to build a fairly popular/controversial firearm from scratch using almost nothing but hardware store parts and some machining/manufacturing skills. Based on my extensive research, this video has a potential of 100 million views if not more. What that turns out to be in dollars I'm not sure and I need knowledge about how to turn views into dollars. However with this video things will get tricky...and they will be legal issues. I'm assuming videos of that nature are frowned upon, and understandably so, but I've seen countless other videos on youtube that show how to build homemade firearms and they don't seem to get flagged or removed. However, with the amount of attention my video will very likely get, I don't want any members of the government knocking at my door at 3 in the morning with a search warrant or anything else. I intend for this video to be informative and more for entertainment purposes rather than trying to conjure something up. So I plan on including numerous warnings in the video about legality and following the laws and me not being held liable for anyone attempting to make it. And even though I reside in the US, I intend on shooting the video outside of US territory just to be safe, and showing myself destroying the firearm after completion. That being said, I have a few questions:
    1. Are there any good links where I can find out more about the requirement for adsense in simpler to understand terms? I need a more in depth understanding of how it works or which method is best in my situation.
    2. What is the likelihood that youtube would remove my video or I'd get tracked down? How safe would I be from that if I took the precautions stated?
    3. If it works and I end up getting paid is there any way to keep my information safe? Or to get paid anonymously or indirectly?

    I don't want to do this if it all turns out to be completely illegal and I don't want to deal with any legal issues saying I did something wrong and being tracked down because of it. I want it be an informative video, which will obviously appeal to preppers and survivalists which most of the views will come from, and I mainly see this as an opportunity for me to make money because it's something proprietary to me and hasn't been seen before. No, I have not built anything yet, this is just an idea to see if it's worth the hassles. Thanks for any input
  2. Chris.Roark

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    Aug 16, 2016
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    Sorry OP, but that's where I stopped reading your post.

    Will there by the guy dancing gangnam style and making weapons? ;)

    On a serious note, you can't predict the number of views. You can't predict anything with certainty.

    If you look to make money online, even on youtube, you can't based all your hopes on one video.

    You should do the opposite, don't stress about any particular video, but post as much content as you can.

    In the long run, consistency will outperform a solo viral video.

    This is only my honest opinion.