I will trade my skills for your skills.

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    Happy Halloween.

    I'm met a lot of really great people in here in the last two weeks. I've had some conversations, suggestions, directions to the best information that money can't buy.

    So with everything being the can/crapper/ these days some people have serious problems with their credit reports & scores. I've been providing information on how to fix your credit and negotiate with creditors or debt collectors since the 1990's. Call it a second career idea I've had for a while. The problem is that my idea does not come with a 401K or a stable paycheck. I've helped lots of my friends and its something people hate talking about. Some people would rather tell me they have a STD than say I've got crap credit and this is why.

    Like I said in other posts I'm not a coder/seo/web-anything/ I'm a hardware/firmware engineer (but I'm learning). So I'm having one of the great people in here create me a landing page with a few pages. I would like to market some ebooks (maybe write my own) and credit cards.

    I'll also tell you how to negotiate with creditors/debt collectors.

    My years of experience for your years of experience. Pull your credit report blackout all the personal information and I'll do an analysis of what the best path would be. I'll also tell you the best place to keep your money (and Legal) as more and more collection agencies are doing whats called a account offset when they drain your bank account of all the money without telling you. They give your bank the legal paperwork and your bank does not have to tell you. Poof gone, goodbye.

    If any of you are open to this let me know.

    Goodnight and enjoy the candy.