I will pay you $10 if you help me out with my Playstation

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    After a couple dozen phone calls to Sony, they are unable to reset my Playstation Network password (and email) due to a failure to authenticate(US account with Australian console).

    Now, I need someone with a US Playstation (purchased in America) to give me their serial key located on the back of the playstation. This way once I give this key to Sony they will be able to authenticate my American PSN ID with an American playstation and reset it.

    As far as I know this will not compromise your own details in any way, and I REALLY want this account back for sentimental value.

    Much appreciated!

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    Man.. just go to ebay and then serach from someone how is selling his playstation and act like you are interested. Ask him about the serial number, just tell him is for verification only to see if is not stolen.

    Use your social engineering skills.

    Good luck
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