I will buy SENUKE on Your Affiliate Links If You Agree To Tell Me How To Use It Well


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Mar 22, 2010
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I am ready to buy SENUKE for my adsense project which i have been doing these days. I noticed that it is too expensive for me to outsource every single promotion i am doing. I am ready to invest in SENUKE. I know the basic concept but i really would want anyone who will show me how best to use SENUKE and i will but the program on their affiliate links.
Please PM me or reply to this thread if you like this offer. :)
you can buy it from mark dulise on the warrior forum and he will give you his video training program for free.
Thought that was shared here anyway? plus it sucks!

Anyhow ive got training, guides and support for anyone who buys from me and a discount! (try beating that :p)


Enjoy :)


Marks program is on the DNS, so no it wasnt shared.


Introducing: SEnuke Advanced Training Video Series

This 19+ video course, including a actionable Step By Step Powerpoint Video Presentation, shows you how to bring SENuke to life and maximize your traffic and off-page seo backlinking as a internet marketer to dominate the search engines. I will give you a ?over the shoulder? tutorial as you watch me use SEnuke for my business. Eighteen videos in total, plus PDF's:

  • Video 1: SEnuke Introduction & Comprehensive Overview Of Interface
  • Video 2: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Email
  • Video 3: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Social Network Sites
  • Video 4: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Article Sites
  • Video 5: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Bookmark & RSS Sites
  • Video 6: Creating Web 2.0 Accounts: Verifying Emails
  • Video 7: Social Network/Article Nuke: Post Settings
  • Video 8: Social Network/Article Nuke: Spinner Article Pt. 1
  • Video 9: Social Network/Article Nuke: Spinner Article Pt. 2
  • Video 10: Bookmarking Nuke: Proxies & Bookmarking
  • Video 11: Module 5: RSS Nuke & RSS Joiner
  • Video 12: Module 6: Web 2.0 Profile Nuke & Pinger
  • Video 13: Module 6: Web 2.0 Profile Nuke: Live Demo
  • Video 14: Comprehensive Action Steps PowerPoint + PDF
  • Video 15: Adding Video & Images To Articles In Social Network/Article Nuke
  • Video 16: SEnuke SEO & Linking (very important) ? 15 minute video
  • Video 17: Linking Using SEnuke Placeholders + PDF
  • Video 18: Linking Using URL Manager & Placeholders
  • New Video 19: Advanced SEO Technique: Get A Google Double Listing
  • New Video 20: Advanced Keyword Selection, Including Bonus Keyword Revealed
  • New Video 21: Advanced Anchor Text Setup
  • New Video 22: How To Manage Campaigns
  • New Video 23: Advanced Article Spinning
  • New Video 24: Grand Finale: Advanced Linking Mindmap & How-To Guide
  • New Video 25: Building Your Own Linking Empire
  • Bonus Video 26: Viral Backlink Explosion: SEnuke & Social Media
  • Bonus Video 27: SEnuke Youtube ********** Trick - Videos On Google's 1st Page
  • New Bonus PDF Report: How To Properly Use Social Network Sites To Build A Massive Backlink Empire

Not only do you get my 19 Video Tutorial Set, but you'll also get:​

  • A PDF PowerPoint Presentation Action Guide
  • Coles Notes PDF On Placeholders
  • You'll Get My Teaching On Understanding How Page Rank Works
  • Understand Google Juice and Link Love
  • You'll Understand The 4 Classes Of Links (not all links are created equal)
  • My Simple SEO Formula To Dominate Google
  • How To Choose Keywords
  • The 5 Important Rules To SEO Link Building
  • And much, much, more
I'm also planning to subscribe to SENUKE. I think blackrat is right. Just go ahead and get your hands dirty.
any idea when senuke x is coming out? its to my understanding that they discontinued development on the current version, and it crashes super constantly. Im ready to see what all the hype is about with X
Have to agree with what most of you have been saying. The only real thing to learn is the pinging, rss submission stuff and merging URL's and such. The other stuff is pretty straight forward.

If you plan on using it for legit purposes I don't think you will have any issues with it. The one thing that you will run into is not being able to keep up with its production. Learn to outsource that and use this software and you are gold.

But if you want to get more knowledge about it. Get on the facebook fan page, ask questions.
Save your money, senuke sucks and it is a total ripoff.

You get a 40-50% success rate if you are lucky and end up wasting tons of captchas and time for nothing.

Plus the success rate is so shitty that you end up posting in a handful of sites over and over, huge footprint for the engines to look at.
yea i have to agree with nufaman to a degree. The software burns up captchas with all its crashing and then having to repost to the same sites it crashed on, plus the success rate does suck for all the sites that they have. If it were a 1 time fee, id have no real gripes about it, but at the price it is coupled with the weak job that it does, id definitely say you arent fully getting your moneys worth. I want to see what senuke x is about and if they'll fix all these current blasted problems.
Senuke x is a never ending beta, it is just a scapegoat so they can give excuses about how shitty senuke is right now since they are too busy with senuke x
yeah senuke sucks now...and senuke x was announced about a year ago and still they just keep bullshitting release date:rolleyes:
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