I was given an opportunity...I feel very fortunate. But I really need BHWs help.

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    I came across someone that offered me an opportunity. Mind you I've only been in the IM industry only 1 year but I feel like I've come a long way. This opportunity can be life changing. During these times I've felt Karma finally dealt me a lucky hand... Basically, I'm marketing a product. Being only 21 though and self taught, my only resource is BHW. For obvious reasons I can't go into too much detail, but it's a patented product that can revolutionize the concrete industry. I've been asked to build a website and manage the sales. The product is owned by 2 guys that haven't had any success in marketing this product, and frankly, they were scammed 5k a month by their old web designer/marketer. A personal buddy of mine that offered me this opporunity has been a Entrepreneur for 30+ years. He's great offline, but I'm going to be his online guru. The owners are wary of online anything because of the old unsuccessful campaign they paid 5k a month for, understandably. So I've decided I'm going to do it for free and get a percentage of every sale that way they have nothing to lose.

    At the same time I'm really nervous... I don't want this to slip away. I can't fail this guys, this is something that can't be winged. This is why I need BHW's collective help... (which I will GREATLY appreciate)
    A couple questions:
    My website is a WordPress site, on their old site they had a paypal buy now button. I can certainly use this on the new website, but how would I be able to track the sales so I can make sure and get my share? The paypal account isn't mine and I doubt they'd be willing to give login info so I can login and see what comes in. So what would be the best way to track and see the fruit of my efforts?:eek:

    How I'm going to drive traffic to the product:
    -Youtube Promoted Videos
    -Media Buys
    -Facebook Targeted traffic. I'm sure there's a lot of concrete specialist on Facebook that would love for their job to be made a whole lot easier.
    -Search Engine Optimization. Ranking for the word "Concrete" is not an easy task, 2k a month that I'm being charged isn't cost effective. So maybe save this for last.

    As you can see this is going to cost me some of my own money for this to work. But I trust I can make this happen. Is there something I'm missing? Is there something a fellow BHWer would like to input? Any advice such as which the best route would be to make these sales? Really any input you have to offer.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have everything to lose. Companies hire sales staff and bring them into a company infrastructure and give them a percentage. You aren't a salesman, you are a partner, but it sounds like you are working for straight commission.

    As you know, most of the work of SEO is up-front. So what happens when a year from now, when this revolutionary product has exploded and they are making more money than they ever dreamed possible, and then they realize that they no longer need you?

    I've read what you've said about where they are in your history, but consider for a moment where you are in theirs. Where are they right now? Wildly successful? Thriving? Doing you a favor by giving you a job? Or are they failing, desparate and if they do succeed the only reason is because of you.

    That super-special concrete thingie is worth exactly ZERO, because that is what people are paying for it. And if you turn things around, it's YOU that has value and not the concrete thingie. If that concrete thingie was going to sell itself, it would have done so already.

    Item 2:
    Don't get roped into your customer's retarded bullshit. They were stupid and overpaid an SEO guy $5K. That's not your fault, but the natural dynamic is that they are effectively going to blame you. "That other guy screwed us over, so now we're going to deal with you in a much different way." I've been in that situation many times before, and under no circumstances do you lower your own security in order to prove your trustworthiness to someone that has been burned. People that have been burned have the irresistable urge to burn someone back, and that guy's name is Y-O-U. It's not a question of "if" they are going to try to screw you, it's a question of "when". You never date a woman that's been cheated on; she'll look at you with suspicion until the day she finally cheats on you.

    I'd want an iron-clad, attorney-approved contract with an extra long term of say, 5 years. You are going to put in a LOT of effort up-front, and they are going to continue to benefit from that effort (if it's successful) for a period of time much longer than 5 years. And, if you are going to defer payment for your up-front, non Sales commission efforts (setting up link pyramids, backlinking, directory submits, YouTube, etc..), then DEFER that payment, don't hand it over to them for free. Once you have made "$X" in Sales, then they owe you a (flat rate) for your up-front SEO work, in addition to the normal sales commissions that a standard Salesman would receive. And pick a high number. They need you, and you only want them. Opportunities to work for little or nothing now on the promise of reward later are dime-a-dozen.

    I'll defer to someone that may have more experience, but IMO a 5 year exclusive contract is a minimum, and I think it would be fair to make you a full partner.
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    You are way over your head brah.

    No point on taking on sheet you dont know about.

    You will need to research their market, customers, competitors.

    Make a landing page, information filled website, capture leads, create sales funnels, free reports so you can get leads, sales copy. Then you need to do the SEO stuff.


    But if you dont get that other stuff done right, you can rank all you want, but you wont make any sales.
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    Well said. I failed to mention my buddy is a vet when it comes to contracts (he worked for the irs as tax manager as well) and definitely has started up many companies so this is nothing new to him. You are right though, in terms of charging, I should be charging for my work, after all I'm putting all my time and effort into this, and time is money. I'm going to have to talk to my partner about putting this into the contract and seeing what he thinks of the idea. These owners are country guys, don't know anything about the internet, just know that it's popular and you can sell stuff on it so it definitely makes the dynamic interesting. I'm meeting up with them next week if I'm showing a sense of urgency in my posts.

    IAmNRE, thanks man. I'm going to definitely brush up on all aspects in terms of IM. I don't just want to succeed but learn from this experience as well and it'd be great to have these items under my belt. I realize it's a lot on my plate, but I feel opportunities need to be seized, imagine how you would feel if something like this came your way and you said to yourself, nope..can't do it....and you see the product next year on store shelves. At least now I know I've tried, and hopefully (with enough tenacity), succeeded.
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    Yeah u "might" be over your head, but u gotta start somewhere...if its a great opportunity, go for it. Worse case ull end up where u are now anyways.

    Having done marketing for real world products, these would be my suggestions:
    - "concrete" is not really a consumer good. You say that its patented, revolutionary. If they are not selling it, then there are two reasons
    a) Its too good, and the big companies dont want to give up what they already have [but they would have been bought out already by now me thinks]
    b) Its not really that revolutionary, so watch out in investing YOUR money.
    - "concrete" imho is more of a b2b product. Or at least thats where the money will be. Imagine supplying concrete for a building complex vs selling it in Home Depot to a person to fix up his driveway. B2B should be your focus imho. If u land 1 recurring B2B client, and the product IS revolutionary, u could be set for life.
    - IF you are going to be a salesperson for this, I would use Linkedin. Join Groups. Message people. Send them to a website you will make. Not a CTR website, but a professional looking website [copy a large manufactures WWW]
    - IF you are going to be a salesperson for them, then I would suggest hitting up spots where ppl u wanna sell to will go to [think Builders conventions etc.]
    - Go for your local Business Forums, Business Groups etc...get a deal set up to get some money flowing [offer your services in return for them using your concrete - i.e. make a website for a builder/developer to get your name out AND u will get a % of the sales which should be higher than the cost on your end]

    I could go into more points of what I would advise to do. Basically I would say go for B2B. SEO etc. wont help u too much IMHO unless if you build your own website, with your own phone number and rank that, so that even in a year if someone buys through you, u get a cut.
    Either be the SEO guy getting paid 5k a month but no % or the Sales Guy getting paid 2K a month + commission. In that case, make sure u eat first. Make your own website. Heck, make 5 of them, rank em differently, target them differently.

    Good luck!
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    Are there other companies successfully selling concrete on the web?

    Since it is patented why not just license it to Cemex, Lafarge, Oldcastle and the other large cement manufacturers?