I want your ADVICE about this Keyword Analizer I developed


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Apr 22, 2014
I want some feedback and advices for a new software to analyze keywords I made.


This video is from the very first version but the new version include other features to analyze the websites ranked in each keyword to find some unrelated or bad optimized website.

This tool will tell you what kind of content google is looking for any list of keywords.

Note 1 : This tool is not for sale

Note 2 : This tool is under development stage so I cannot give any review copy because it is not ready yet to install in a computer.

Note 3 : This is not a keyword research tool but a keyword analyzer tool so you can use your favorite tool to get any list of keywords and load the list into the software to analyze which keyword is better to rank and which content is looking for Google for each keyword.

I want to know if you think this tool need other feature and if you like this tool.

Thanks for all your help.
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Can we add our own custom social sites into the software for analysis? Does the software analyze top 10 only?
Once this tool is completed, will it become free or are you going to put a price tag on it?
IN this version the software also collect keywords so discard the point # 3 of the main post.
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