I want use Copeac to change for IncentAclick


Jul 26, 2009
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hey,guys,I have one Copeac accout,I want use it to change for one
CX Digital(IncentAclick) accout,pm me if you are interested.
Lol, and people are wondering why CPA Networks are so picky about who they accept!
Apply for IncentAclick the way you did for having a copeac account... Dont buy or sell , the account will be bannned once you make a good banking with them.

You've got to be very stupid to not be able to get into either one of these networks.

All the information you need to get into them is located right here on these forums, if you would just READ!
If you trade accounts, chances are the person who gets your new account will be banned. Also i know who you people are, most arent smart and make their user names here the same as in our system. I have a few of you looking to sell accounts or do JV's flagged, just waiting for you to make money and then terminate you so you will be wasting your time trying to pull this crap at Copeac, youll see money in your reports but come time to get paid youll be terminated, and ill donate your money to the needy

Of course you are welcome to apply for your own account with us. We arent going to bite your hands off, but buying.trading/or doing JV's on our accounts will never get you paid by us.
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