I want to thank Coolkid123

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    Ok, first off this isn't to inflate my post count. In all honesty it's not a huge deal to me but check it out.

    Coolkid123 is a 13 year old genius in my eyes. I have ideas but when it comes to programming I'm really behind in the niche. I spoke with CoolKid123 and he made me a genuine website. No template, No wordpress just because he enjoyed doing it. He has ambitions of freelancing on BHW.

    I really support this young man. He not only knows about BHW but he hooked me up with a website because he likes to do it. He is like a young Bill Gates in my eyes. He tells me " I have a paypal account but it's not verified till I get a VCC and they might ban me because I'm 13" Are you kidding me? This kid is beyond his years. Not only that I'm an adult. And I can actually talk to this guy and he listens and he's really smarter than I am. So I don't know what kind of freelancing ambitions he has but I think it's great and I think BHW as a community can throw some work his way or atleast speak to him about it because he's rockin it out. Just wanted to show my respect. And let everyone know! Hope this isn't breaking any rules.
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