I Want to take action in making money and need some advices in my idea

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    Hello ,

    i decided not ask any more questions like " How to make money "
    i bought the domain and the hosting and determined the niche
    and the keywords and how to get visitors and every thing
    all what i need from you and i know you are so helpful

    The idea is : i wanna make website talking about " hardware " and make affiliate from e-bay and amazon

    What i need is :

    1- what do you advice me ( wordpress - Joomla - cs-carts scripts ) ?

    Does seo in joomla good as well as wordpress ?

    2- Very important : can i exchange the button of add to cart to the link in
    e-bay or amazon ? any ideas about that ?

    3- Finally i hope i can succeed in this because years ago trying to make money only so please any suggestion or any help even if it is small will be appreciated

    Thank you so much and i am waiting your replies . :)
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    The best ever!!