I want to start my carrier full time in online


Jul 13, 2019
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i want to learn WordPress website completely .where to learn ?

this Video helped me a lot
BHW is best for your learning, But your interest makes your difference. Good luck.
If you really want to make it big, don't confine yourself to "learn WordPress website". Learn PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML/CSS. WordPress is just a cms. If you're familiar with the aforementioned technologies, WordPress will be a piece of cake for you.

As for "where", you can start by looking in the download and giveaway section in bhw. What you are looking for are good courses, that are shared for free.

Also remember: YouTube, Stackoverflow and google are your friends when it comes to learning programming (or anything for that matter). Whenever you get stuck, "Search"!
You can get some Udemy courses to learn WordPress completely. It will be useful for you.
Install WordPress from Cpanel and keep praying by hit and trial by installing themes plugins
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