I want to start Autoblogging to make money out of my Google Ads and I don't know how to

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by vini, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I want to start Autoblogging to make money out of my Google Ads and I don't know how to start.

    I know that there are many of methods here, But I can't get to one that will teach me how to start, monetize and the more difficult thing, promote it to make some really good money out of it.

    Can someone help me?
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    Hello, yes if you read carefully popular threads, you will easily see all the methods. I dont understand why everyone is so lazy to do a simple search.

    Anyway, you will NEVER make any money unless you do things yourself and take initiative. If you simply follow people aroind you are gonna get the "scraps and leftovers".

    Here is the scraps:

    Go on google: search "google keyword"
    Click the first result.

    Now, think of a niche, anything, for example: baby names
    Now click on the COUNTRIES link, and make sure you select ALL COUNTRIES and TERRITORIES, because you will be targeting ppl worldwide.

    Press generate, google will search for all possible/relative keywords. Now you must add a column to include Average CPC (Average payout per click).

    Go down the list, compare each keyword, find the biggest CPC, COMBINES with the highest average search quota. In other words, you want the highest paying keyword, at the same time the keyword must be very popular (i.e many ppl search for it every month).

    Take the keyword, go to google and paste it inside " " like "keyword tail" (the " " refines google results to give specific resultsfor that particular keyword.

    Now, compare how many RESULTS you get it should say, Found xxxxxxxx results for "keyword tail" in 0.xx seconds.

    If the result is bigger than 2 million, pick another one. You want the less competitive result, i.e if you get a result of 250k, thats pretty much perfect.

    For an example: a good researched keyword would give an average payout of 1$ per click, would have around 550k people searching for it every month AND has only 250k results in golgle search. That will pretty much enable you to be on the firdt page of google and take advantage of all those 550k people every month. Potentialy earning you 1$ per every person who enters your website, so you could become a millionare in 2 months.

    Now listen to this part carefully: go to your domain provider, and search for a domain that contains ur keyword: i.e keywordtail.com/.info/.org etc. I normaly get .info because they are only 1 fuckign dollar. (godaddy.com) It can be keyword-tail.com or keywordtail.com or keywordtailtail.com as long as the main keyword tail is in the name.

    Buy the domain, go to Hostgator use a coupon to buy 1 months hosting for 1 fucking cent. (searhc google).

    Set up a fucking wordpress blog, point your domain to your host. Set up the autoblog, there are plenty tutorials.

    Now go, create a sitemap, upload to google via webmaster tools. Proceed to submit your blog to RSS feeds (millionrss.com), TopSites (blogifer.com), Web 2.0 websites (i.e dig, facebook) and yahoo answers. You simply want to paste the eniter link http://www.yourkeywordtail.com into comments, links, submition etc. Then go to Pingomatic.com and ping ALL the urls that contain your keyword, this will send google spiders to it, to ijdex yor backlinks. Also ping all the url's on ur sitemap.

    Now wait for 1-2 weeks whilst ur blog automates and pings itself. In a month time you could easily be earning 100$ a day. But you wont, unless u are good at KW research you should expect around 1$ a day, more if you did good.
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    nice one there Alexander0884, but u could have left out all the f**ks in ur post lol...:)
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    I am just pissed off that people are too lazy to make money.

    I have just shown ppl how to make a potential 550k$ a month income from a 1.01$ investment.

    Heck,l even if you make 5% (if you have 5%CTR ratio), you would still make 2.5k$ a month from this. People who earn a lot of money know about these very simple techniques.

    Other people who are too lazy/too afraid to take action always think "maybe I will try a more popular niche like weight loss etc" are the people who always lose. Buisiness has ALWAYS been about taking the opportunity, taking the moment.

    The question you have to ask yourself is "AM I ready to make money?".

    PS: Sorry for spelling and grammar errors: I type very fast and I dont spend much time proof reading.
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    You are very interesting, good experience-sharing.
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    There is a ton of information on autoblogs on bhw. Some of the best ones that come to mind are undergroundguru, shlylesson, Nikhalg and a few other members posts. (Sorry if I left anybody out) Search for them, then read them. Immediately after reading them, create one. Then create a second one.

    Also, there is a guy here setting up autoblogs from his website for $15. If you have the funds, you could have ten in a hurry.
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    Thanks for the info on the niche research, that was very useful to me. :)


    Start searching the threads in the blogging section. it has everything you need
    to know. If you have not used Wordpress before, do a google search, there are
    plenty of instuctions out there.

    Here are a few threads to get you started:

    Autoblogs= $$$ By Shylesson



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