I want to pay people anonymous how to do it?


Oct 8, 2008
I want to pay some people. I know the address I know the name and they want the money. The problem is I do not want the money to be traced back to me.

If I buy them a Debit Card online will that be traced back to me anyway?

If I open a fake Pay Pal and pay them I need to buy a VCC to put in the money but where do I do that.

If I transfer the money from Western Union will they ask for ID?

Lawyer can do it but is that safe?

Any other ways please let me know.

The money is from $2 -$500 I have the money in Pay Pal and CC.
It seems like you should be able to send them a money order from the post office or any 7-11. Pay cash and it is totally untraceable. Or, find a middle man to send it to them. I don't know how serious it is, but a Church could probably work something out.
There are many ways to make anonymous payments. If it is not a big amount (under 1000$ US) you can send them a western union. If you use the secret question / answer then they do not have to show ID (unless they are in the UK)

you may also want to look at anonymous E currencies like webmoney, liberty reserve and others.

there are many debit card options however they are expensive for a one time payment.
How bout just running down to Walmart, buying some debit cards and mailing them?

Or does this need to be via web?

Too Soon
you not have a postal order service where you live?
like paper money from your local post office!!
I am not in USA otherwise would be a good idea. In my country can not just run down and buy some local visa cards.
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