I want to make a similar site, anybody can help me?

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    Hi Guys

    So, I want to make a site similar to a shop, but post affiliate links. So far so good, you say, install woocommerce. But I want to make it similar to this site

    www stylefruits de / bodyflirt
    (cant post URL since I am not registered long enough?!)

    And woocommerce wants a site for Cart, Checkout and so on. But as an affiliate site, i dont need that. And I do not just want to link to amazon, i want to post aff links to multiple sites, just like you see on the above link. So what can I do? Mess around with the code of woocommerce?

    Moreover, Woocommerce always installs a bar on the top of my site with the shopping cart and checkout. Thats all stuff I dont need but woocommerce is able to sell Aff Products. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards